Albania is member of the following conventions:

WIPO Convention
Paris Convention

Madrid Agreement
Protocoll of Madrid
PCT Convention

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Law on Industrial Property
Law for topography

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In occasion of the Intellectual Property Day ,a celebration with music and soft drinks was held on April 26 at the lobby of Tirana Polytechnic University. During the discussions, the partecipants spoke about the importance of intellectual property rights, the value of intellectual property as an asset to commerce and as a tool for economic development and the present status of intellectual property in Albania.

NEWS on the Industrial Property Right (IPR)  in KOSOVO
In the light of the new developments in Kosovo and due to your  interest in IPR in this Area of ex-Yugoslavia, we are pleased to inform you as follows:
Starting after 19 November 2007, all the trademarks (National  and WIPO protected trademarks), as well as the patents and the industrial designs, filed after 19 November 2007 in Serbia, are no longer valid in Kosovo. The Only way to have the protection in Kosovo is through the national application(s) to be filed directly in Kosovo.

In the mean time, please note that, all the applications filed in Serbian Office of the Industrial Property before 19 November 2007, which are still valid in Serbia, have not any more  protection in Kosovo. The period of time from the transfer of rights protected in the Office of Serbia   i.e. Belgrade, starts from 01 October 2007 and is valid until 01 October 2008.
For the reason mentioned above, since November 19th 2007, the Office for Industrial Property in Kosovo (OIPK) started accepting of the applications for patents, trademarks, and designs.

Please take also into consideration that until 28th January 2008, the Office of Kosovo, as result of the cooperation of the regional offices and attorneys as well, has accepted 170 applications for trademarks, generally and, they are of the applicants from different states of EU, USA, Macedonia and Kosovo, too.  Some of the applications are new and some of them are transfer of rights protected in Belgrade Office, before.
In these circumstances, having in mind the situation in Kosovo, and if you have interest for the IP Protection in Kosovo, we are pleased to advice you to proceed with the re-registration(s) of the filed applications, done before 19 November 2007, or the new application(s), if you have filed the application(s) for trademarks, patents or industrial design in Serbian Office, after 19 November 2007.

Starting from 01 March 2008, Our Office will be operative also in Kosovo, with our professional presence there. In these context, We are also pleased to provide our high professional level of service in Kosovo for all the IPR matters to your interest or your esteemed Clients, as well. Our office will be at your complete disposals, for any application form (POA, Schedule of Charges etc.) you may need for.


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o Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

o US Patent and Trademark Office

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